Swimming in the city? Of course, in Naples the sea is “excellent”

costa napoli posillipo

So, in addition to taking towel and swimsuit, tanning and creamy sauce or protective to complete the outfit, also take note of where, according to the regional agency ARPAC, you can safely bathe in summer 2016, in the stretch of sea that is breaking just behind the city. We start from the course Molosiglio because before as there is the port area, it would be pretentious to think you can take a bath. Then going to the Naples Rowing towards Posillipo to understand, to the height of the other social circle, the Rari Nantes, the water is held port area so classifying it as such is certainly not the most recommended bath. So here, you decide.

But we go forward. From Castell dell’Ovo and until the American Embassy, this time the ARPAC ranking as “excellent”. So here, or through a wooden goiter or to some of these cliffs, do with basic and well past a beautiful day at the beach. From the edge up to the US and CN Posillipo, it is recommended not to set foot in the water instead. This, too, is “port area.” Former Youth Circle on, however, and for a long stretch up to Nisida, everything returns to shine and the waters return to be excellent bathing. So places like Palazzo Donna Anna, Villa Martinelli, Riva Fiorita and Marechiaro are the Caribbean Sea made in Naples.

Not to mention of course of the Archaeological Park neighborhood Gaiuola down to below Nisida, where it is idyllic water quality. But the good things end here unfortunately, because as always imagine and also why, from the island of Nisida and up to the old duty at via Naples to Pozzuoli, the water does not allow absolutely to do a quiet indeed bathroom , it seems that also the sand is not the most recommendable. And the city boundary ends here, in the Bagnoli area, and then ends here our walk by the sea in order to understand where we can dive into the waters of the city. So, good Neapolitan bathroom at all those who wish to take advantage of it.

If you click this link, there is a map of the coast and the signs of what we wrote: http://balneazione.arpacampania.it/balneazione/monitoraggio_balneazione.asp