Vairano Patenora, blast from the past with the Medieval Festival

Festa Medievale Vairano Patenora

Two days full of charm and mystery. And ‘that’s on August 9 to 10 in Vairano Patenora, in the province of Caserta, the theater of the Medieval Festival, the traditional appointment with the joint history, this year, the 13th edition. Madame and lords are all invited: there, in the small village of Terra di Lavoro, in the shade of centuries-old castles, where time seems to stand still. A unique experience to live in a single breath. Because participants will be immersed in the typical setting of the era. And then it will happen to stroll among the stalls of a quaint medieval market or find yourself in the middle of a raffle among soldiers under the local squire. Or that a court jester, complete with pointy hat, may bother you by asking you to be your guest at the table.

The worst is that you might be pilloried in the public square, just to be targeted by the jeers of your friends below. In short, there is everything in the program, as in a charming time machine. From Archery Tournament demonstration of fighting techniques in use in the Middle Ages. And again, dancing in period costumes, show fakir, fire eaters, music and performances of the Historical Pageant. And what about the Giostra del Saracino, race valid for the Palio of the four quarters? Together with the Games-at-arms, the full two days of the festival. With a treat not to be missed: what they call the Taberna del village in Piazza Loreto Madonna, in fact offers typical local dishes because nothing should miss the offering of “two days Vairano.” Impressive fireworks with the burning of the castle will close Sunday evening this extraordinary appointment with history.

Medieval Festival of Vairano Patenora (Ce)