In the Bay of Naples the old ladies sail challenge the waves


Wind in stern and ready bows to plough the waves. After the meteors of the America’s Cup is the ladies’ of the sea turn to unthread in the waters in Naples, showing the suggestion and the charm of liveries not at all grazed by to spend some time. It’s all ready in the waters of the dock of Saint Lucia for the tithe edition of “The Sails of epoch”, the traditional appointment with the history of the sail to the shade of the Vesuvius organized by the Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia with the office Sail Sport of the Greatest State of the Marina Militare Italian. It will be here, in fact, that from 26 to June 30, boats will be assembled in wood and historians yacht realized according to the ancient projects of construction: real monuments of the sea that arouse today still great interest and emotion in the public of the impassioned ones.[charme-gallery]

The edition 2013 of the sail kermesse enters, this year, for the first time in the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, the principal international circuit of regattas reserved to the sailboats of epoch and classical. An important recognition for the city of Virgilio. What it begins, so, in the international calendar of the Panerai Challenge: It is always deign recognition of the increasing importance that the Neapolitan event has assumed in the panorama of the classical sail. And a fact that crowns the match among the prestigious Royal Yacht Club Savoia and the mark of tall clockmaking Officine Panerai, from nine years promoter of the circuit of regattas in virtue of the historical bond with the world of the sea. From 26 to June 30, all in Naples, leaned out therefore, on the most famous Gulf of the world. Ready to greet the parade of the ladies of the sea for a five days rich of sport and tradition.