Wines of Sannio protagonists in the “Vinitaly”


Goblets of Sannio protagonists in the “Vinitaly”. Thirty-three companies beneventane attending the forty-seventh edition of the festival of wine inVerona7 to 10 April next. The announcement, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Benevento, Gennaro Masiello, on the eve of the trip in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Transfer that is realized thanks to the efforts put in place by the Chamber through the special firm “Valisannio”.[charme-gallery] “The Vinitaly – says Masiello – is a strategic event for our country. The wine has a role not only important for the economy ofItalyand for export, but also in the quality they deliver. We hope that the Sannio can play more and more a central role in the growth seen the numbers and quality that expresses”.[charme-gallery]