In Naples, the top Italian wines


Wine copyright and dishes doc: pairing creepy. A journey through bubbles, white, red, rosé and sweet wines for a single route, which also passes through the tasting of “excellent food” made in Campania. And ‘what is put in the yard by the GamberoRosso for the day the whole Neapolitan scheduled on October 26, starting at 19, in the elegant “restaurant by the pool” in the spaces of Overseas Exhibition of Naples. An event not to be missed for gourmets and lovers of good food. To say the least long, in fact, the selection of wines and grapes that will be presented to the guests, enthusiastsor connoisseurs who they are: a true “feast” of aromas of white, red and rosé wines for lovers of the nectar of the gods. But even an overflowing tasting path that will seemany players alternate in the kitchen.

The first, among those who will compete in the preparation of the dishes, will be the chef of “Città del Gusto” of Gambero Rosso,which will guide guests on a “grand tour” characterized by the presentation ofextraordinary gourmet delicacies for enthusiasts. These follow the Master Bakers,always the Città del Gusto, who with their delicious breads and buns, made with wheat flour 00, guests will delight the palate. Respond to the call “present” even the agricultural cooperative “The Tacky” Montecalvo Irpino (Avellino), with its extraordinarygrain wheat breads, available in two wood-fired ovens as well as the history (and thetradition of Irpinia) wants. In the gallery of the best “alerted” on the evening of the 26th,could not miss Leopoldo, known Neapolitan baker doc with its famous bagels “suet andpepper” and its street food quality, now the symbol of Naples, able to express, with hisculinary masterpieces, a long-standing territorial identity. In short, a reality and a brandsynonym of goodness and excellence strictly Neapolitan.

A part from culinary flour,there will also be all the pearls derived from milk to seduce the palate of the audienceof the exhibition. Role for dairy products will be “Dreams of Milk”, which Neapolitancompany with a selection of joys White, whose production varies from cheese toyogurt, ice cream and even up to the beer, has a “dream”: to discover or rediscover theits customers the authentic taste of cheese, not just common but especially those thatnourish the soul and eyes, unable to move and why not, fun. And for lovers of sweets,there are two appearances in the spaces provided for the fairgrounds in Fuorigrotta.That of the master Giuseppe Manilia, owner of Orchid “Montesano Scalo (Salerno), which was awarded the highest award of the” Three Cakes “on the Help Confectioners and Pastry Gambero Rosso 2014. And to Sweetness Mignon Excellencies Neapolitanartist taste made ​​in Partenope. As for Manila, chef cakes del Vallo di Diano will be inNaples with a long selection of pastries for lovers of the genre. Be ye therefore ready toenjoy his portion mignon or savory macaron branded “The Orchid.” Immediately afterit’s up to Sweetness Mignon, another star of exception with its exquisite curly puffs andshortbread or its mini pastiere promises to make sparks, giving the final touch to the taste of the Neapolitan Restaurant of the pool.

The exclusivity of the evening as a whole is guaranteed by the musical influences and the unmistakable sound of DJ setsLunar Project, and the special guest at the console Roberto Barone, artistic director ofRadio Yacht.

Restaurant of the pool – show overseas
Pedestrian entrance: Viale Kennedy, 54 – Naples
Auto input: Via Terracina (in front of St. Paul’s Hospital)
Cost: € 35.00 whole – € 30.00 reduced
Info and reservations: +39.081.3119800 – 338.1691727