The splendid Library of Girolamini reopens for a day

biblioteca girolamini

He opened to the public in 1586 and since then was destined to public use. His regular guests were people like Benedetto Croce and Giambattista Vico. The latter, great Neapolitan philosopher hometown of San Biagio dei Librai, donated all the first editions of his works to the convent and he devoted one of the rooms of the structure. And sooner or later even the recent big Gerardo Marotta it was a great supporter. It contains nearly 160,000 books, including texts on philosophy, Christian theology, of Greek and Latin literature, the history of the Church, as well as scores of sacred music and books on the history of Europe. But not only books the Library. As part of the whole monumental complex of Girolamini, composed by the Church and the Cloister, through which it is accessed, it is a spectacle of architecture.

And decorated with paintings and frescoes in the vaults and in the walls that make a frame to the shelves of fine wood that guard the jewels always writing, and make sure the most beautiful library of Naples and the second in Italy for history. Sunday 11 then appointment for this special opening. A one dates that will allow groups of up to 25 people to visit, from 10 to 14, the temple of Neapolitan books accompanied by Library staff. To complete the information, the direction of the organization also specifies that not all rooms will be usable, and that is not provided booking. To reach it you will only touch on Via Duomo.