Saturday night in Old Town hunting for witches and ghosts

Streghe napoletane

It is not true, but I believe it. It says so, right? So why hold back? We make bags and .. we start to discover those buildings, places and crannies of the historic center of Naples where history and legend tell of the deeds and misdeeds (real or present who they are) linked to the fantastic world of witches and ghosts. The event, organized by the Cultural Curioscity, will be held on Saturday 5th July from Port’Alba at 19.00 o’clock and check-in via Benedetto Croce.

Driven by curiosity and superstition will go for ancient palaces and mansions hidden in the belly of Partenope. In search of the mysterious “presence” of Palazzo Spinelli Laurino, the local Church of the Souls in Purgatory, Palazzo San Severo, San Domenico Maggiore and the Palazzo Venezia. Once in Via Benedetto Croce, where once there was the consular office of the Republic of Venice and where it seems to have been born the famous “zucchini scapece”, guests can enjoy the cool evening on the roof garden of the historic building while sipping a refreshing aperitif. The reward for a … hunting the supernatural.