For Adults and Children, Halloween speaks to Neapolitan Angevin !!


Will be the voices of souls pezzentelle to lead those present at the discovery of the Angevin, the castle of the 5 towers. No pumpkins, skeletons and witches, then. For the fifteenth consecutive year, we are given the great success achieved in all previous editions, the association Itinera proposes “Ghosts at the Castle” a playful tour that pits the most typical Neapolitan tradition – that of souls pezzentelle – the Halloween party.

Opened 14 years ago, Ghosts at the Castle is, in the history of the tour, one of the first events in Naples (if not the first one) in which the classic tour has lost the role of the “conference” and has become an engaging and lively cultural moment tones playful and dramatized, a way to learn while having fun, suitable also for children.

Neapolitan culture is full of legends, superstitions, popular beliefs, which have created a veritable “cult of the dead.” Ghosts at the Castle will then revive old Neapolitan traditions and legends linked to the worship of spirits benign, according to tradition, it is said to come back every year on November 2 to populate the buildings that they inhabited.

For Halloween live in an all Neapolitan, guides and experts Itinera propose to the little ones with the game and animation to explore the Armoury Hall, the Chapel, the Hall of the Barons as well as the two rooms of the Museum with the doors of the Castle.

A guide will play the narrator “pezzentelle souls” of the Angevin. It will be a meeting with knights and artists: the interview with their help you discover the secrets of the manor in Naples. A special day for families and tourists. Most adults can visit the Castle and the Museum with the help of experts and children will be guided through the game to discover the hidden history behind the legends.

Here is the schedule and costs

Saturday, October 31: 15.30 first lap / 16.30 second lap

Cost: € 5 for children – € 11 for adults (including the entrance fee to the Castle)

Reservations required by sending an email to, or for information and reservations you can contact the association at the following address / 339.755.17.47

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