Art Street Naples, traveling exhibition for the Night of Art 2015


Night of Art in 2015, the Old Town on December 12, and the Committee Arcigay Antinous of Naples presents its event “Art Street Naples”. We understand now what it is. It ‘a wandering by night starts from Naples Spanish with a visit to the famous neighborhoods built by the viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo, where he will be part of the figures femminiello described in the works of some authors, such as Curzio Malaparte and Roberto De Simone, and where you can admire the “street art” of Roxy in the Box, the Neapolitan street artist who wanted to capture the city walls portraits of the greatest artists, singers, politicians and international stars. And she, will host during the visit to explain the project Chatting, made in these places.

The promenade will then continue in the historic Via Roma, where you will go for the modern “underground art” and its Toledo station, metro stop Oscar nominee of meter world. Afterwards it will reach Monteoliveto street, home to the Renaissance Palazzo Gravina, to get up in the square where Jesus sveta skyward the beautiful spire of the Immaculate. Here, the Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara and the elegant façade of the New Jesus will not be able to attract all the attention.

But it continues on, going upwards on San Sebastiano, the ancient road of the musicians, through which you will arrive in Piazza Bellini where there is still signs of the walls of the Greek era that surrounded the ancient Neapolis, founded in the fifth century. to. C. The arrival then, going down Port’Alba, the door of Don Antonio Alverez de Toledo, Duke of BAlaba, will be in Piazza Dante in front of the National Boarding School Vittorio Emanuele II. Here, before you leave the guests will be offered a AperitivArte the “House of Differences” where there will be tastings of typical local products enogastronimici thanks to famous brands in the area of ​​Old Town that have offered their cooperation to Art Street Naples.

Useful info: event limited: max 30 persons, organizational contribution per person 10 EUR, appointment at 19:00 at the entrance of the Galleria Umberto I in via Toledo and start visiting 19.15.

And ‘compulsory reservation by calling the telephone number 3356795493 or via email at or even