We art the art world We the Children at the Old Town

alcuni lavori di Sarah della Monica

“We art the art world … We the Children” is the name of the singular event that will take shape, Friday 12 and Saturday, December 13th at Slash Via Bellini 45 in Naples. A two-day (with free admission) that aims to spread the music, art and craft “made in Naples” between the Neapolitans and tourists, which at this time line the streets of the historic center. The street, Friday, at 18, with the actor’s monologue Gennaro Morrone, followed by live, which will feature the singer Marco De Vita, the Metropolitan Jazz Trio and the gospel of the Soul Six Vocal Group. Saturday, from 10.30 to 13.30, however, whole morning dedicated to children. Start with the pottery workshop for children aged 7 to 13 years, edited by Sarah Della Monica, then, Monica and Beba Ferrigno, will create a magical atmosphere by singing Christmas to children, while trying to promote the awareness campaign “A steady hands” for Save The Children. Will also be a performance of the students of Musicapnea and the band and the choir of the school song of Renato Maggio. On both days, arts and crafts Christmas with ceramics Sarah della Monica, the decorations of Tiziana Crociera, pastors and art objects crib Luca di Gennaro, the cameos of Emanuela and Gabriella, jewelry Alessandra Grasso, the paintings of Carmen D’Auria, Carlotta Infranca and Alfonso Nappo.