Wine & thecity, in Naples on out…wine lounge

Parte a Napoli "Wine&TheCity"

Eight days overflowing with events, 115 exclusive locations and more than 70 wineries involved. These, the first issues of Wine & thecity, the wine lounge outside the brainchild of journalist Donatella Bernabò  Silorata, who for seven years now, in May, inebriates the main streets with a delightful Neapolitan relay of appetizers that combine fashion, design, culture, art, music and of course, wine. A large moveable feast full of nomadism and contamination, involving boutiques, major hotels, restaurants, jewelry stores, art galleries and design, historic buildings, churches desecrated and ateliers of taste in a tam-tam of events, exhibitions and performances art, wine tastings, parties, dJ sets, aperitifs-shopping and cooking show.

Two , the neighborhoods involved: Chiaja and the Old Town, where every address , including over 100 carefully selected and recognized by the banner colorful Wine & thecity, as usual, offers, in combination with the wine its own program: art installations, musical performances, poetry, theater, exhibitions, design, crafts, themed menus and much more. Among the events Off, which will run until May 28, the tasting at night in the Catacombs of San Gennaro; Champagne On The sea Mob: champagne tasting on board a fishing vessel in Marechiaro, which will take place in the manner of the flash mob with date, time and address communicated a few moments before the meeting, and cared for by NapolinVespa wine tour, with a new route the discovery of the vineyards subways. Among the novelties, 2014, the Premio Wine & Photo Thepics organized by Space Tangram Michele del Vecchio and aimed at photographers of all ages and experiences.

All the busy schedule of the mega event is available online at