A Ogliara is staged the festivals of penne

(Italiano) Le date del programma prevedono lo start oggi 30 giugno, e poi una non stop dall'1 al 4 luglio]:en]The dates of the program are scheduled to start on 30 June, and then a non-stop from July 1st

Sagra pennette all'ogliarese

If you start from head to Naples and take the A3 Salerno. Exit the San Mango Piemonte and from there, after driving another 3 miles, you will arrive at your destination. Where? But to Ogliara, what questions, typical village in the province of Salerno scene of a succulent feast of penne, now in its eighth edition, scheduled from 4 to 8 July. Yes, this is your destination. Not to be missed, absolutely, if you want to understand what it means to “eat well”.

A Ogliara will be 250 meters above sea level, in Monte Stella, so there will be a little ‘fresh to brighten your prom. The name of the village derives from the Latin term olive oil, ie oil country. Among its most important monuments include the church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, founded in 1003. Scenery is simply fabulous and offers on one side and the view of Mons Lactarius on the other hand, the Gulf of Salerno. Not just good food, then. But even postcards from paradise. We were talking about the festival of penne Ogliarese. What are the basic ingredients of this dish? Soon said pillow, pumpkin, zucchini and lots of parmesan cheese. And ‘the right combination of these “elements” that makes the dish special. How special will also bring the rich cooprotagoniste event: fried courgette flowers, assorted breads, caponata and delicious donuts. There will also be a special stand, one dedicated to products for coeliacs. In short, if you’re curious, do not miss all’apuntamento the weekend. And bon appetit!

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