Lovers of genuine products get ready, the New Oil Festival in Positano


The oil home made has a taste and texture different than that produced with industrial processes. Would you like to try the difference? You can do the next 19 December, 2015 at 18 in Positano, thanks to Oil New Festival.

There will also be a jury who will have the difficult task to enjoy its authenticity and decreeing a winner. A daunting task because Positano, as well as beautiful gem of the coast, is a land of mills and processing of olives for the creation of delicious specialties wed. This the Feast, a wonderful initiative to bring back the memory of all the tradition of growing and oil production, giving free the possibility for producers to showcase your own work.

On said that the green terraces, where it forms the territory of Positano, until a few years ago lurked about ten mills. Four in Montepertuso, Nocelle one in Riparlati and Mills and Laurito, the border area of ​​Praiano. The festival will be held in the district of Liparlati starting at 18:00
The event is on the facebook page