Grate Festival in Sant’Agata dei Goti. From 21 to 23 July

A feast for quality products. Among the best in the region in the period

carne alla brace

A feast for quality products. Among the best in the region in the period.

The Grate Festival at Sant’Agata dei Goti is one of the events of the season of the bells of the bells. Just imagine the burning coals and the pieces of meat that flush on the steaming grid. Do you bet that you can already feel the typical scent that makes a brace in full work? That mixture of burnt wood, spices and spices that spice local sausages and pork ribs, or succulent roasts without the close of the bacon that just looks at it excites the palate.

All this you can find from Friday 21 and until Sunday 23 July in the charming setting of Sant’Agata dei Goti. The cooking field of the Festival of the brilliant edition number 7. A three day not to be missed, therefore strictly devoted to the flavors.

But let’s go right now and see what the first dish and outline menu is for this Grass Festival.

Penne alla baffo, ie creamy and velvety creamy ricotta and tomato puddings with grilled ham cutlets.

Strawberries of fresh pasta with aubergine sauce, mushrooms and sausages.

Eggplants and zucchini on the plate.

Roasted onion.

Fried peppers.

Zucchini to the scapece.

Fresh fries.

And behold, the queens of the feast of the burnt-offering, the flesh that they shall devour for thee shall be:

Pigs cost

Roast without a hint


Bacon braised

All this will be accompanied by an excellent wine produced in these lands (falanghina, aianico, piedirosso). So many craftsmanship booths and a lot of healthy animation will complete the Sannite event. Just reach the former sports ground in Capitone, at Sant’Agata dei Goti: Friday and Saturday from 20am onwards, Sunday 24th July from 13am to late evening. Make sure your palate is satisfied.

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