Festival of Brace in Sant’Agata dei Goti

carne alla brace

Already imagine the burning coals and the pieces of meat browned on smoking grill. We bet you already can hear the characteristic scent that makes a brace in full work? That of burnt wood mixed, flavorings and spices that add flavor village sausages and pork chops, white and succulent meat steaks stuffed chicken, will be staged from Friday 22 until Sunday 24 July, in the picturesque setting of Sant’Agata dei Goths, cooking area of Festival of barbecued edition number 6. Three days not to be missed, therefore, strictly dedicated to the flavors. In Sant’Agata grids will not remain an idle moment. Some of these will produce, until revocation, eggplant, zucchini, squash and grilled onions. While, for lovers of the first, there will fusilli with Mediterranean flavors, peasant pasta with sausage and eggplant, stuffed polenta.

The protagonist, however, will of course be the coals where costatelle, sausage festivals, and bacon waiting to be enjoyed together, if anything, to fresh local cheeses and fresh grilled vegetables mentioned above, or alternatively with fried fresh fries, fried or mythical peppers Eggplant A Mushroom. All will be accompanied by an excellent wine produced in these lands (falanghina, aglianico, piedirosso). Many stands of handicrafts and lots of healthy entertainment will complete the Sunni event. Just reach the former sports field in the Capitone Location, in Sant’Agata dei Goti: Friday and Saturday from 20 onwards, Sunday, July 24 from 13 until late evening. Sure that your palate will be satisfied.

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