Positano Street Food Festival !! Street food for the jewel of the coast


Belly my hut facts you should think already before you go. It would also wonder, how could miss this special event dedicated to the special flavors that offers the Neapolitan table in one of its greatest expressions? Not only pizza but also so fast food. It’s a lot. Saturday, 16 then, from 20.00 onwards between Via Pasitea, at the locality of Fornillo, and until the Piazza dei Mulini, the air will be filled with the typically fried perfumes of all kinds as well as other delicious local dishes . So many local restaurants that will satisfy the taste of the present. But Positano Street Food Festival is not just food. In addition to the many tastings and proposals of good street food, it will spend the evening pleasantly with musical performances, dance, and theater staged by emerging artists enthusiasts. To allow an easy and inexpensive supply some car parks offer a special rate for the evening. In fact, the car parks Anna, Mandara and De Gennaro offer a price of only € 5 from 19 until the end of the event. They have thought of everything as you read. You just have to go just that.

The social event page is to link https://www.facebook.com/events/926045644177482/