Feast of the leaking of anchovies. All in Cetara

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From Friday 11th Sunday 13th, a single protagonist through the streets of Cetara, the former fishing village nestled near the sea of ​​Vietri Coast that leads to Amalfi, the now famous pouring of anchovies. A rediscovery of the flavors of the past and tradition. This dressing, to secure Eastern origin, landed on the coast of the boot in distant times, taking its name from the mysterious fish Garos (very likely to be just the anchovies) which then became known as the sauce, the sauce which the ancient Greeks called it Garon and the Romans, when the nectar only landed in their kingdom, then called garum. The typical seasoning and Pasta dishes meager tip, after the establishment of a special Organizing Committee, now aims only to the well-deserved recognition of the European DOP (Protected Designation of Origin).

The three-day license plate anchovies, for those who want to educate themselves on the product there will be conferences, roundtables, and experts at the local food and wine Hotel Cetus, that illustrate the qualities and properties of the sauce of blue fish. And for those wishing to go directly to the taste, in the square Viesky, since Friday, there will be booths manicured restaurateurs cetaresi waiting guests to offer tastings of typical local cuisine. Well then, a nice walk on the Coast and unique dishes to try. And the weekend is so great that already planned.

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