Hazel Mortarella, not only sweet !! A Taurano the festival of flavors

spaghetti alla nocciola

The Hazel, or the Hazel Cream, has always been in the popular imagination a delicious food cake. And instead Taurano, in the province of Avellino, in the quaint old town, a two days to enjoy the specialties of Hazel Mortarella with pasta and inviting second courses.

Sit at their table, and arm yourself with fork and spoon and started to try the spaghetti anchovies and hazelnut.Having whetted the appetite with this lovely first course of pasta, know that you can choose, but if you can you could also try them all, including some specialties of land or sea. The Cod goes well with the chopped hazel, or there will be meatballs with hazel cream or, for meat lovers, a trio of pieces on the grill.

Anyone pizza fans will not be disappointed !! Pizza Hazel to accompany even with salami, cheese and hanged turnips and potatoes. All seasoned with excellent local wine. After this long marathon of savory dishes with hazelnut, absolutely not forget to sweeten the mouth with the endless array of sweet hazelnut you propose, or hazelnut retail.

For information

Facebook page of the event at: www.facebook.com/events/1654910198117859/

Dates of 19 and 20 December

Hours: 18: 00 – Sunday open for lunch

Info and contacts 3290071208 – 0818240280