Nougat and nougat record in San Marco dei Cavoti


So much to do but so much to eat especially for those faithful lover of nougat. Two weekends devoted to sweet honey and hazelnuts, scheduled in the land of witches. In San Marco dei Cavoti, to be precise. It starts in the first weekend of December, from 5 to 8, at the feast of the Immaculate then, and then in the next 12 and 13 December. And on Tuesday, 8, is scheduled for most awaited by fans of nougat. We are preparing a megacroccantino by Guinness Book of Records !! For this, the central Piazza del Risorgimento common Sunni will be crossed by an endless river of hazelnuts, almonds, honey and dark chocolate, ready (to record size) to the delicious onslaught of guests present nougat longest they’ve ever seen .. and eaten !!

In the second weekend of the festival confectionery (12 and 13 December), everyone can participate in cultural events, music, and moments of tasting of so healthy and good local cuisine, not forgetting all the shopping imaginable in the stands of the dry delicacies and handicrafts produced in the Valley of the river Fortore. Today there are nine manufacturers of nougat sammarchese, nine laboratories, including the tradition of nougat Crunchy and kisses and the innovation of its variants, continue to collect confirmations and successes in Italy but also abroad.

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