Spring Festival, celebrating brace in Limatola

festa primavera

Few talk and we go straight to the facts. In the village Benevento following the Vanvitelliano aqueduct, just 40 kilometers from Naples, two weekends dedicated to the taste week. The occasion is the Spring Festival. Saturday 23, sunday 24 and monday 25, as well as friday 29, saturday 30 and sunday, may 1. Where? In the shopping center La Primula Via Sant’Antonio in Limatola. The menu that you will find to satisfy your pleasure? Here it is.

First courses: gnocchi with meat sauce, penne with wild perfume, penne all ‘angry or fresh tomato sauce for children

Grilled meat: veal steak, pork costatella, peasant sausage, bacon, hot dogs for the kids, barbecued pork tris

Meats and cheeses

Side dishes: fried fresh fries, fried peppers, eggplant mushroom, broccoli, roasted eggplant, grilled fennel

This is the social event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1052248858181740/

Well, now you know all the essentials. It just needs to decide when to go.