Malazè celebrates twenty years of Falanghina DOC and Piedirosso

Malazè, tributo al vino Doc dei Campi Flegrei

Malazè, the event archeoenogastronomico of Campi Flegrei, scheduled for September 6 to 16, is celebrating twenty years of Falanghina DOC and Piedirosso, local wines that are proving increasingly popular in the domestic and international markets.

For the ninth edition of Malazè here are some initiatives underway.

It starts with “Waiting Malazè” Wednesday, September 3 (6 hours pm) Villa of Livia, via Campi Flegrei 19, Pozzuoli. Program in the conference “The footprint of the geological Piedirosso in the Campi Flegrei: for oenology aware” by the Italian Sommelier Association delegation of Naples. The collaboration of three universities bells (Sannio, Federico II and Second University) and the Boku University Vienna will be presented a study to identify the footprint of the geological and pedological Piedirosso developed in the Campania volcanic area of Campi Flegrei. Speakers: Mariano Mercurio (University of Sannio), Tommaso Luongo (director of Naples AIS), Rosario Mattera (organizer Malazè), Vincenzo Mercurio (winemaker) and Mauro Erro (Campania Stories and editor Enogea).

Saturday, September 6 (9.00 am) “Archevinum” Stadium Antoninus Pius, via Campi Flegrei in Pozzuoli, open free to the occasion. Organize: Art Garage, Flegreando, Quo Vadis Group and the Sibyl. A path full of myth, art and taste: guided tours and dance. The archaeological site is remembered for games Eusebeia that included two sections: one dedicated exerciser shad, shad and the other for music with instrumental and poetry competitions. At the end of the tour and tasting of Falanghina and Piedirosso doc.
Saturday, September 6 (9:00 am) Seventh Annual Cycle Wine Tour with the association Le ali di Dedalo and The Wine Roads of Campi Flegrei. It starts from the Solfatara Volcano for a route with stops at places of historical and archaeological interest, nature and landscape and stops for tastings in the cellars.

Tuesday, September 9th (6 hours pm) at the Complesso Turistico Averno (via Monte Nuovo Licola Patria, Pozzuoli 85) Real Piedirosso Fiano Athletic vs Ais Delegation of Naples. Flegrea a team and a team composed of Irpinia sommeliers and producers compete in football for a “high-risk alcohol derby”. To follow the “third time” with the products and flegrei irpini to celebrate the twinning.

Wednesday, September 10th (5:30 pm) in Pozzuoli in the crypt of the church of San Giuseppe in Viale Capomazza there is “Piedirosso: Small Big Three for Two” by Ais Naples, Slow Wine, Nemea, Abraxas Osteria. Three piedirosso of Campi Flegrei (Contrada Salandra, The Sibyl and Agnanum) encounter two piedirosso Campania (Vigne Sannite, Free Rillo – Ficonera and Apicella) accompanied by their manufacturers in a tasting led by Tommaso Luongo (delegate Ais Napoli) and Luciano Pignataro (journalist of Il Mattino Naples, coordinator of Slow Wine Campania). Visit the crypt by the association Nemea. Next, after the workshop, wine tasting and finger flegrei prepared by Abraxas Osteria. The tickets will be donated to the maintenance of the crypt.

Saturday 13 and Sunday, September 14th will be held the Campi Flegrei Doc Festival organized by Slow Tour Campi Flegrei, a popular festival for 20 years doc. 13 (10:30 am) of the Archaeological Park of Cuma and 5:30 pm to Piscina Mirabilis. 14 (10:00 am) at the Archaeological Museum of Baia.

Every day in the old town of Pozzuoli (from 9.30) is in Design Wine by the group Kyme. A design exhibition dedicated to wine from local artisans. During the exhibition will be organized tastings. The event will be held in Via Augusto 29, Pozzuoli, from 9.30 to 1:30 pm, from 4.30 to 8.30 pm.

For the duration of Malazè provided Dinners in the Vineyard, Vineyard Jazz, guided tours, tastings dedicated to wine and local cuisine.

The wineries involved for the ninth edition of Malazè. Naples: Cantine AstroniAgnanumColle Spadaro and Varriale. Pozzuoli: Matilde ZassoLe Vigne di CiglianoVilla TeresaCantina IovinoBabboContrada SalandraCantina dell’Averno. Bacoli: FarroPiscina MirabileLa Sibilla. Quarto: Grotta del SoleQuarto MiglioQuartum. Marano: Cantine Federiciane. Monte di Procida: Cantine del Mare.


Malazè celebrates twenty years of Falanghina DOC and Piedirosso
September 6 to 16 Campi Flegrei
For the event “Waiting Malazè” scheduled for Wednesday, September 3 (6 hours pm) Villa of Livia (Pozzuoli), info: 335.6790897 –
For the event “Archevinum” scheduled for Saturday, September 6th (9:00 am) Stadium Antoninus Pius (Pozzuoli), info: 349.6537921-339.7220812 –
For the seventh edition of the Cycle Wine Tour scheduled Saturday, September 6th (9:00 am), info: 334.9072795 – 320.8792054 – 347.6900607
For the challenge Real Piedirosso Atletico Fiano – A.i.s. delegazione di Napoli, scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th (6 hours pm) at the Complesso Turistico Averno (Pozzuoli), info: 335.6790897 –
For the event “Piedirosso: Small Big Three for Two” program on Wednesday, September 10th (5:30 pm) in Pozzuoli, info: 335.6790897 – 081.8688778 –
For the “Campi Flegrei Doc Festival” on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September, info: 388.4841083 –
For the “Wine in Design”, info: 340.3927345 – 349.1367664 –