‘O Pazzariello. The operator of street marketing of the past

La fotografia ritrae Antonio de Curtis, in arte Totò, da una scena tratta dal film L'oro di Napoli

‘O pazzariello. Antique Neapolitan crafts.

And yes, now we can just call it street marketing expert. The one which is capable, to guide the market, passers of such a street or square, towards one or the other product or towards one or the other shop. E ‘in the 1700s that was around alleys, squares and vicarielli to attract the attention of passers-by with ad hoc rhymes invented to magnify a product or any business. A marketer oriented to put it to modern times. The eccentricity of his clothes one of the two strong points to attract attention. The image has always had its importance in effective communication. How was he dressed? Soon he said. General Bourbon style, with tailcoats with silver edges or gold, jacket with flourishes, a large waistcoat of bright red or striped. Even slings were colored red or black, and rested on the knee socks, white or pink.

The shoes then were dark with leggings or black with a large buckle, and in his head he wore his crown fair. A felucca garlanded. And finally, to show off even more, on the tailcoat chest wore pinned medals of all kinds but without any value. What today we call slogam advertising slogan or roughly went like this “” Warning … battalion … is asciuto crazy or ‘master … It is a good person … is master of a paste substantially … and when you have eaten … you will fill the intestines and belly … “. This text glimpse of the famous film The Gold of Naples, in which the great Toto recited precisely the part of one of the operating Pazzarielli in Naples after the war.