Pompeii, discovered a monumental tomb with an epigraph of 4 meters

L'iscrizione, una delle più lunghe ritrovate finora, con ben sette registri narrativi, pur non recando il nome del defunto, ne riporta in maniera dettagliata le tappe fondamentali della vita

Porta Stabia negli scavi di Pompei

A monumental marble tomb with the longest funerary epigraph so far found. It was discovered in the archaeological site of Pompeii thanks to excavation activities in the San Paolino area near Porta Stabia, one of the accesses to the ancient city buried by Vesuvius. The inscription more than 4 meters long with seven narrative records, without mentioning the name of the deceased, details in detail the basic stages of life (acquiring of the virile and the wedding) and the description of the munitions activities that accompanied Such events (public banquets, liberal indulgences, organization of gladiator games and fighting with wild beasts).