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Pompeii, discovered a monumental tomb with an epigraph of 4 meters

A monumental marble tomb with the longest funerary epigraph so far found. It was discovered in the archaeological site of Pompeii thanks to excavation...

The ancient city of the saints in the Roman cemetery

Welcome to Cimitile, the city of saints and a place of  pilgrimage for senators and popes. Formerly known as Coemeterium when it was the...

Where 3000kg flowers dance

Lilies are normally associated with a child’s first communion in church and there are many lily festivals all over Italy, but the one held...

The dance of the obelisks in honor of St. Paolino

The machines swaying high over the crowd: upright toward the sky. As a pointing finger on clouds. Skyscrapers of wood and papier-mâché. This is...