The viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo returns to Naples for…four days


Southern Renaissance. Naples and the Viceroy Pedro de Toledo” is the name of the conference that will be held tomorrow (Wednesday October 22) to Saturday (October 25) between Naples and Pozzuoli. A “four days” for study and analysis of one of the richest periods in the history of Naples in the sixteenth century. The days in an interdisciplinary meeting will bring together international researchers, professors and scholars who share their critical skills in order to describe the entire time period of the government of Don Pedro de Toledo. The meeting will focus on the various issues, focusing on the figure of the noble Spanish and in particular on 1532/1553 two decades, one of the richest chapters in the history of Renaissance Naples. Thursday Cervantes insitute in Via Nazario Sauro, in Naples, starting from 9.30 am will be held several meetings with Italian and foreign teachers. Among the speakers Roland Béhar from school Supéreure Normal de Paris, Jesús Ponce Cárdenas Comptutense University of Madrid, Guido Maria Cappelli, University of Extremadura. And yet Giovanni Ferroni from University of Padova and Mercedes Blanco (Université Paris-Sorbonne). From 3 hours pm, however, the actions of Antonio Gargano of Federico II, José Solís de los Santos of the University of Seville, Maria D’Agostino of Suor Orsola Benincasa, Marco Federici from Oriental and Tobia R.Toscano of Federico II.