In a book freshly baked all the secrets of the Panettone of the Sun


The Giffoni hazelnuts, the white figs of Cilento, the lemons of the Amalfi Coast and the local cherry tomatoes from Vesuvius are just some of the ingredients that contribute to the unique characters in the new book by journalist Donatella Bernabo Silorata. A book to savor freshly baked and everything, titled “The Sun panettone. Places, faces, stories and flavors of the cake crafted in Campania” published by Malvarosa, containing not only the traditional recipe dell’arcinoto Milanese cake, with lots of advice to build the house, but also match-native wines and goodies on yeast which in recent years has seen some pastry chefs in Campania at the top of the national rankings. Panettone processed according to strict rules Ambrosian, but the sun and the perfume of the South. Eleven pastry made in Campania recounted in the book, with their masterpieces of quality and character: Anna ChiavazzoSalvatore De RisoPietro MacellaroGiuseppe ManiliaRosanna MarzialeVincenzo Mennella, Alfonso PepeStella RicciSabatino SiricaCarmen Vecchione e Raffaele Vignola. Photos by Enzo Rando, while the preface is provided by Alfonso Iaccarino, chef of the renowned Don Alfonso 1890.

The Panettone the sun. Places, faces, stories and flavors of the cake crafted in Campania.
Donatella Bernabo Silorata
Malvarosa editions
page 180
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