At San Carlo notes Jommelli and Mozart to remember the victims of the Holocaust


The Teatro San Carlo tomorrow (on 2015 January 27th) participates in the celebrations for the seventieth Memorial Day to remember the victims of the Holocaust. At 8.30 h pm the Master Marco Faelli direct the Chorus of Neapolitan Massimo. Scheduled Miserere Jommelli and the Requiem in D minor K 626, of Wofgang Amadeus Mozart. Piano Alexandra Brucher and Vincenzo Caruso. Mozart’s Requiem among the greatest masterpieces of sacred music of all time, was drafted in the version for two pianos in the early nineteenth century by the Viennese Carl Czerny.

Shoah Memorial Concert
on 2015 January 27th
San Carlo Theatre, Naples
Tuesday January 27th 2015, 8.30 pm (Turn S)
Conductor: Marco Faelli
Piano: Alexandra Brucher, Vincenzo Caruso
Nicolò Jommelli: “Miserere“, for soloists, choir, basso continuo
Soloists:Bernadette Siano, Giuseppina Acierno, Clorinda Vardaci, Giuseppe Valentino
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Requiem” in D minor K 626, version by Carl Czerny for soloists, choir and four hands piano.
Soloists: Rosanna Savoia, Rosa Bove, Matteo Mezzaro, Gabriele Sagon