Auletta celebrates the white artichoke


Everyone in the party to Auletta, for the fifth edition of the festival of white artichoke! The name of this delicious vegetable , present, in the days of the Easter holidays, on most Italian tables as an accompaniment to main dishes, comes from the Arabic al- kharshûf. It is a beloved culinary ingredient and is particularly known for his three great virtues: strong culinary personality, extraordinary versatility and nutritional qualities.

These and many other qualities will therefore be celebrated during the fifth edition of the festival Artichoke White which will be held in a small village in the province of Salerno Auletta May 1 to 4 , a short walk from the caves of Pertosa.

The choice of venue is no accident. Recall that the white artichoke , known for its delicacy, is grown directly in the lands of the village which houses the culinary event. Cultivation begins from the month of April, and then continue until the middle of May, when the fruit ripens.

And the wait is well worth it! It is indeed a very rare species of artichoke, thornless, with large inflorescences, round and globular, very light in color tending to silver and perforated in the center. But we see in detail the full program of the event.


It starts with the opening of Thursday, May 1, with the opening of the stand “Exhibition” which will exhibit the products of the land and traditional crafts. Following the cycle of performance art with digital invasions, organized by the cultural Tanagrart giving appointment to all participants, provided strictly for smartphone and camera, to the Monumental Palace of “Jesus” with a guided tour in the historical center of the charming village.

Still, the space of popular music “bottari” and the food tasting of artichokes in all its delicious forms, accompanied by the large selection of wines from Campania, introduced by the sommelier Andrea Moscariello.

It continues Friday, May 2nd with a day dedicated to children , with the spectacle of puppets: “Jesus,La Casa di Pulcinella” and then a space for cultural debate, moderated by food journalist Antonella Petitti , dedicated to fans of tasty vegetable during which we will discuss the infinite resources of the artichoke white.

Saturday, May 3, instead of the day is dedicated to the culinary competitions , with the competition starring some young cooks who will compete in the kitchen under the supervision of Michelin-starred chef Vitantonio Lombardo.
Finally Sunday, May 4th , the show closes with the rousing folk music group “Seven mouths ” that will accompany the end of this great festival that celebrates the fruits of the earth and its priceless treasures.

Feast of the white artichoke 
1-2 -3-4 – May 2014
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