Dinner with the auteur cinema, so there is more taste


When the taste of well-table meets the author of the film, comes out of a combination artistic and gastronomic literally licking their chops!
Up to 7 August in the picturesque village Casamale of Somma Vesuviana, there will be “The taste of the cinema”, a unique film festival and culinary arts organized by the local Arci.
But let’s see what it is.


At the screening of each film will be the combined presence of a different chef, coming from the best restaurants in the area, which will prepare viewers for its own specialties that will be available at the popular price of 5-10 € depending on the dish of your choice (by reservation) .
Every evening from 20.30 onwards, therefore, the menu includes many delicious creations in the kitchen, using of course the typical ingredients of the Terra Felix, like the classic hanging cherry tomatoes, straight from the slopes of Vesuvius, or the specialties of cod, one of the dishes in the inevitable ‘Vesuvius area and finally a generous watered good local white wine.
But since a full stomach is had better, let’s take a look at the rich film program, which, remember, is totally free.
Many prominent titles of the show, everyone expected after dinner, starting at 21:00.
Do not miss the appointment Wednesday, July 23 with “human capital” by Paolo Virzi and with the dishes of chef Luigi Russo’s restaurant “La Lanterna”, Saturday 26 July then continues with the film “About Davis” of Joel and Ethan Coen and the accompanying wines G. Iovino Enoteca Vesuvius Arci.
Finally, the grand finale on Thursday 7 August with the screening of “Song e’ Napule” Marco and Antonio Manetti – N. Di Lorenzo and the specialties of the chef de’ Ciccarone.
In short, a good opportunity to discover the many similarities that exist between the seventh art and the conviviality of the dinner table.

“The taste of the cinema”
17 July-7 August 2014
Garden ARCI, Borgo Casamale Somma Vesuvius
Prices: free movies, dinner on payment and booking
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1492737277610229/