Launch of the Fair Barter and Charity shop

bambole vintage

700 stands where you can buy or trade crafts, modern antiques, collectibles and antiques. Back to Mostra d’Oltremare of Naples, Saturday 18 and Sunday April 19 (from 10 am to 20:30), the Fair Barter and Charity shop, a must, for years now, for those in search of unique and hard to find. A highlight of this edition, the space dedicated to the great collector and gallery owner Lucio Amelio with catalogs, posters and original exhibitions organized by the man who brought the Father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol in the city of Partenope.

A provision of the smallest, a Baby Lab to learn to build musical instruments using only paper, card stock, tubes of big rolls of kitchen, elastic and parchment paper, which will become maracas, little guitars and drums, “protagonists” of an impromptu orchestra in which play along with many new friends. In Form of Art – Art School, however, will show figurative techniques both ancient and modern, with an extemporaneous which aims to achieve with the audience, led by the teachers of the school, work multiple: 5 tables on the reuse in 5 continents.

For children of all ages and eternal Peter Pan, Clamfer make you dream with its remote-controlled scale model trains, strictly handcrafted. Provided, a space dedicated to the railroad in North America and Italy in miniature, through its most important stations, with trains of modern technology, operated with the help of the decoder, and trains with simplified controls for children to play. During the two days, also, a pickup truck Asia will collect e-waste.