Vesuvius king of the web. His picture from space is the most beautiful in the world!

Vesuvio innevato, ecco la foto vincitrice

Vesuvius superstar. Even from above! A satellite shot of the famous snow-capped volcano (“captured” by GeoEye on February 19, 2013) won the contest “Top Image of the Year” sponsored by DigitalGlobe, a company specializing in images taken from space.

Opened December 3, the photo contest (which has received wide network also earning a place on Time magazine) involved the most beautiful places on the planet and in just 28 days, he did score more than 30.000 votes cast via Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. The “preferences” have been expressed on several occasions, so as to involve the largest possible number of visitors, but also to give due importance to each of the photos in the race. It should be borne in mind that, along with the famous “mountain of fire” were also vying for other images (twenty in all) dedicated to famous places of the Earth as the Colorado River in Utah, the palace and gardens of the Palace of Versailles, the great barrier Reef in Australia, the fortified citadel of Aleppo in Syria, the Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea, and other amazing scenery as the island of Galesnjak in Croatia, also called the “Island of Love” because of its characteristic circleshaped heart and the artwork of large called “Wish”, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Shots taken from space with advanced techniques and highly specialized.


In the end, to contend for the prize of the best, along with Mount Vesuvius, were photos depicting the citadel of Aleppo, the Colorado River, the Irish “Wish” and the island of Galesnjak. The image dedicated to the volcano symbol of Naples, however, crushed the competition right from the start, picking up the favors of the public after 12 rounds, they crowned the overall winner with almost 30 thousand preferences! The second step of the podium were placed, respectively, the island in the shape of heart and the work of Galesnjak Wish Belfast