Traveling with Giambattista Vico from Naples to Cilento


Traveling with Giambattista Vico, from Naples to Cilento, including philosophy, history and nature is the proposal made by the Universal Forum of Cultures from Vichiano Festival which kicks off tomorrow in the capital of Campania, from the church of San Gennaro all’Olmo in Via San Biagio dei Librai, headquarters of the Foundation chaired by Vincenzo Pepe, with the opening of the traveling exhibition “In the Footsteps of Giambattista Vico in Naples today” (h 5.30 pm). On this occasion at Palazzo Marigliano (also called “palace di Capua“), in via San Biagio dei Librai, home of the Superintendent of Archives of Campania, will open the “Window on Quality of Cilento in Naples“, a gastronomic journey “sensory teaching and tasting “, produced by Gal Cilento Regeneratio in collaboration with the Foundation Giambattista Vico. The showcase will be open throughout the summer. “Festival Vichiano for us every day – says Vincenzo Pepe – with the many activities of the Foundation as a valuable enhancement of the monumental complex of the Churches of San Gennaro all’Olmo and San Biagio Maggiore, where he was baptized Vico, and Castello De Vargas Machucca in Vatolla (Salerno), where the philosopher lived, today a model of cultural tourism (over 20 thousand visitors per year in constant growth for a village of 300 inhabitants, ed), home to the Museum Vichiano and Library of the National Park Cilento and Vallo di Diano more than twenty thousand volumes environmental specialists dedicated to the culture, philosophy and social history”. “We are proud to give our contribution to the Forum of Cultures – continued Pepe – with a rich calendar of events and this shows that in August it will be in Vatolla, then in Paestum and that there has already been requested in Rome and Bruxelles but especially will travel in schools of Campania“. [charme-gallery]