Irpinia capital of Europe with three days of live events under the banner of music

A San Nicola Baronia (Av) la Festa Europea della Musica

Five continents, countries and one hundred thousand cities involved in the dissemination of music through a journey of discovery and research of the multicultural traditions of the territory. This is the European Music Festival, which this year, for the first time – after Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Athens, Milan and Roma is also held in San Nicola Baronia, in the province of Avellino. From June 19 to 21 live events in 360 degrees, to celebrate the Summer Solstice with concerts, exhibitions and happenings greatly desired by Mayor Francesco Colella. Organized by the Tourist Sannicolese Association, the event has the artistic direction of Maurizio Giannetta and artistic production of JM Production. Classical music, blues, rock, soul, jazz, world dance, folk and reggae in a mixture of sounds and languages, but also large space to emerging music. The cast of the twelve big Italian who will take turns on stage, stand out names such as Enzo Avitabile, Zulu – 99 Posse, Daniele Ronda.