A week to learn about and appreciate the real Neapolitan coffee


A ritual that is essential for every good Neapolitan.
That coffee is a time to say the least sacred and to celebrate it and know it properly comes an event entirely dedicated to it.
We’re talking about Cuccuma Week (November 24 to 30) a week in which will star the irresistible black hour and the ancient Cuccuma, or the classic Neapolitan coffee, composed of four elements interlocking.
And what better place to enhance the taste of the beloved Neapolitan mixture if not the Gran Caffe La caffettiera?
Recall that the exercise is the Caffè Kimbo Embassy, where you can also taste the traditional coffee made in the old way.

The event, in collaboration with the independent publishing and communication By Tourist, lead the people who will take part and tourists visiting the city of Partenope through the many anecdotes, myths and traditions regarding the ancient tradition of coffee copper, on which architect Riccardo Dalisi has developed in-depth studies and design projects awarded the golden Compass.
The event was created to share the history and passion for the Neapolitan coffee so loved even by the great Eduardo, from music to film, from architecture and advertising prints.
There will also literary events, theater, cinemas, happy hour and Cuccuma Show, inviting all citizens still possess a kettle to put it on display Sunday, November 30th at Martyrs Square in the premises of The Great Coffee Maker, where a jury of journalists , chaired by Riccardo Dalisi reward the Cuccuma preserved in a better way.

“Cuccuma Week”
24-30 November 2014
The Great Coffee Coffee, Piazza de Martyrs, Naples
Full program on http://www.grancaffelacaffettiera.com/