“Another Galaxy” in the heart of Decumani. Back in Naples the book festival

Un'Altra Galassia, presentazione

In the heart of Decumani… “Another Galaxy”: that of the book. Presented in Naples, in the evocative setting of the Monastery of S. Maria di Gerusalemme aka “Trentatré“, in via Armanni, a few steps away from Anticaglia, the fourth edition of “Another Galaxy: the book festival in Naples”, which this year takes place right in the former refectory of the historic convent of Clarisse Cappuccine, recently restored. A real dive in art and culture at a stone’s throw from the entrance of the Hospital for Incurable Diseases, which includes a series of four afternoon sessions devoted entirely to literature, with the presence of guests from the likes of Andrea Camilleri, Antonella Anedda, Francesco Piccolo and Sebastiano Vassalli: they will, in fact, the protagonists of the event. A unique opportunity, designed specifically with the goal of turning, for two days, the heart of the old town of Partenope in a true citadel of the book.

They were present at the launch of the event writer Valeria Parrella, the City Councillor for Culture of Naples Nino Daniele; Giuseppe Di Stefano, on behalf of the Community Foundation of the historic center of Naples and Sister Rosa Lupoli, abbess of the Clarisse.

The first appointment with the book festival is set for Saturday, May 31, the second for Sunday, June 1st . In the first of two days at 5.30 pm, is scheduled to meet with Andrea Camilleri; 7.30 pm, instead , what is provided with Antonella Anedda. Then, in the cellars of the monastery, at 9.00 pm, there is a “seance” with Elisabetta Rasy that evoke the writer Anna Maria Ortese, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. A tribute strongly desired by mother Rose, abbess of the monastery. On Sunday, at 5.00 pm, in the spaces of the refectory, there will be a meeting with Francesco Piccolo. Afterwards, in the cloister, from 5.00 pm followed by the animated readings for children. For the occasion, the “Theatre in Baule” present his book “The tarantella Pulcinella” by Emanuele Luzzati. The last appointment is at 6.30 pm, again in the refectory, theater conversation with Sebastiano Vassalli.

The initiative was conceived and organized by the cultural association “Another Galaxy“, formed by writers and journalists as Rossella Milone, Francesco Raiola, Valeria Perrella, Pier Luigi Razzano, Piero Sorrentino and Massimiliano Virgilio.