The Botanical Garden of Naples shows off her floral wonders. And not just those …


The Royal Botanical Garden of Naples shows off its beautiful nurseries.
From May 2 to 4 will be held the second edition of the exhibition “Planta, garden and not only”, free entry. Three days entirely dedicated to the exhibition of wild and cultivated plants, botanical rarities and exotic species that are part of the natural kit oasis of green of via Foria that includes thousands and thousands of plants and plant species.

During the exhibition there will be musical performances, such as the concert flute music of the court of 700 French, exhibitions of handicrafts and workshops dedicated to nature lovers. In addition, all fans will be provided tricks and secrets to becoming a true “green thumb”. Recommendations that will be revealed by the many specialized exhibitors and numerous technical material from a bit ‘ all over Italy, present for the occasion, in the area of the park.
Space then the gardening workshops but also recycling , with the demonstration “Do not discard the skins” which will be shown as part of the alternative uses of waste fruit and vegetables. Still, room for creativity, this time applied to the floral arrangements with the session “Vegetables in bloom”.


And after so much manual work among flowers and plants,  it will be the turn of the most awaited moment: one dedicated to the well-deserved refreshment.
It starts, in fact, with the laboratory of bread and the secrets of the tradition, by “The transformative flegree” and then continue with the appointment “Saturday divine” which will be the owner of the winery Terre del Principe, the dr. Peppe Mancini, an expert grower, which will give some advice on how to make a quality wine. Finally, the session will end with a gourmet tasting journey of Spanish specialties from gazpacho , paella Valenciana, ending with the traditional dishes by chef Carlos Peña of Milagros gastrobar.

And for those who want to devote themselves to spiritual exercises, there are practices of “energy balance”, based on shiatsu demonstration by the Italian Academy of Shiatsu -Do, accompanied by tea tastings and insights on the plant from which it is draws the delicious brew, the story and its preparation, edited by Giuseppe Musella, scholar and lover of tea culture.

“The second edition of  Planta, garden and not only”
Full program at:
Friday, May 2nd 14.30 to 19.00 hours
Saturday, May 3rd 9.00-19.00
Sunday, May 4th 9.00 to 20.00 hours

Royal Botanical Gardens of Naples, Via Foria 223 , Naples, Tel 0812533973, email: