Christmas in Naples: a live nativity scene with 100 listed in Castel dell’Ovo


A live nativity scene, set up by the Chamber of Commerce of Naples in collaboration with the Curia will be held tomorrow evening (Saturday, December 21) to Naples, in the picturesque setting of Castel dell’Ovo with the involvement of over one hundred people dressed in clothes of the eighteenth century. With them also singers and artists. The event is scheduled at 19.30; Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe and the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, Maurizio Maddaloni, will be present at the sacred representation.

The event, with free admission, is part of the program of activities of the Chamber of Naples “At Christmas we are all better” during the holiday season for the promotion of tourism and business in the metropolitan area of Naples.

The show is directed by Diego Sanchez, with music by Dino De Angelis, the sets and costumes by Antonio Manco and Maria Pennacchio. Take part in the nativity scene the young actors of the Theatre Totò and members of the community of the parish Regina Paradiso. The performances will take place tomorrow, but also Sunday, December 22 and the weekend of 28 and 29 December from 17 to 21.