In the ruins of Pompeii the show of harvest

Vigneti nell'area degli scavi di Pompei

As at the time of the City, this year, 12 plots of land in the archaeological site of Pompeii – where since 1994 it is planned to replant old vine stocks to create a wine such as those who drank the Roman imperial era – there was the traditional ritual of the harvest, now in its fourteenth edition.

The traditional cutting of the grapes Pompeii, sciascinoso and piedirosso, which will enable the production of wine “Villa dei Misteri igt Pompeiano Rosso” by the winery bell Mastroberardino (according to wine-growing techniques in use two thousand years ago), was held with great interest and participation in the presence of numerous Italian and foreign tourists.

Hundreds, in fact, the curious flocked to the area of the vineyard of the Forum Boarium the biggest in Pompeii, before the ruins of the amphitheater, where it is still the old wine cellar and the old wine press. Before their eyes there was the traditional ceremonial ritual of early autumn, under the guidance of an expert from the winery who explained the various winemaking techniques.

The harvest in the excavations is a scientific project initiated in the nineties by Dr. Annamaria Ciarallo that for many years he directed the Applied Research Laboratory of the Superintendent.

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