Pompeii , the ancient Romans were fond of the flesh of giraffe

Il sito archeologico di Pompei con il Vesuvio sullo sfondo

Do not believe it. The ancient Romans? They were fond of… giraffe meat! This was revealed by archaeological research conducted in the ruins of Pompeii, near the Porta Stabia. A search lasting beauty of 10 years and conducted by experts at the AmericanUniversity of Cincinnati. The team of archaeologists has rebuilt the diet of the inhabitants of the Roman city destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD. People who had to belong, according to a first estimate, the middle and lower classes of the population.

Among the food residues found in digging drains, latrines, wells and sewers of about twenty buildings, experts have found no trace of a giraffe leg slaughtered. It is the only specimen of the kind ever found so far.


The discovery was presented at the annual meeting dell’Archeological Institute of America and the American Philological Association in Chicago. The study has revealed the existence of houses, shops, taverns and other places that sold food and drinks even as early as the sixth century BC.

Together giraffe bone, materials coming from the sewers have emerged remains of sea urchins, flamingos and traces of spice from Indonesia. A fact that testifies to the ancient Pompeii, as well as less expensive foods such as eggs, lentils, nuts and olives, loved consume too much food more delicious and difficult to procure being imported directly from Africa.

Ruins of Pompeii
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