The feast of St. Mark Cavoti nougat and crunchy

Festa del croccantino e del torrone

So much to do and above all taste for lovers of nougat! Two weekends dedicated to the sweet roasted program … in the land of witches. In San Marco dei Gavoti, to be precise. It starts on the first weekend of December, at the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and then in the next 13 and 14 December. In the first of two weekends, the festival will offer nougat – Sunday, December 7 – what is considered the most awaited moment by habitue ‘of the event: the preparation of a megacroccantino !! To this end, the central Via Roma in the municipality Sunni will be crossed by an endless stream of hazelnuts, almonds, honey and dark chocolate, ready (in size from Guinness!) For the greedy onslaught of tourists at a nougat that is more than 30 meters long !!

For the “second half” of the event confectionery (weekend of 13 and 14 December), guests can participate in cultural events, music, and moments of tasting of so many healthy and good local cuisine, not forgetting all the shopping you can think of the stands of dry food and culinary craft produced in the valley of the river Fortore. But curiosity leads us also to know, in addition to the flavors themselves, the way in which these have come down to us, defying the centuries. It is no coincidence, as regards the production of nougat and crunchy sammarchesi, you go back up to the nineteenth century or so. And ‘in those years, which saw the light the famous crunchy. This is thanks to the inventiveness of the pastry cavalier Innocent Borrillo. And ‘to him that we owe the lucky intuition to focus all sweetness possible in a nougat the size and innovative features.

And it is from this point that the history of San Marco dei Cavoti marks a decisive step along the path of the flavors of the author. Because by that time, others after the Cavalier Borrillo, will be challenged in the fine art of confectionery nougat, perfecting the now famous “crunchy” until it becomes a product famous and popular all over the world. Today there are nine manufacturers of nougat sammarchese nine laboratories, including the tradition of nougat Kisses and Croccantino and innovation of its variants, continue to collect confirmations and successes in Italy but also abroad.

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