Toto, 48 years after his death: the remind of web and social netrwork


Web and social not forget Totò. And not only that, but other initiatives, such as a small festival, were promoted in 48 / anniversary of his death, which occurred on April 15, 1967 in Rome. No official event in Naples, his city, no flowers on the family tomb. The memory of the “Prince of faughter” was revived by social media that have published many pictures and clips of the funniest gag, the historic number of “Paese Sera” that announced the death, the pictures of the funeral prayer of Nino Taranto , the words ”A livella“. “For fans and film buffs Neapolitan organized one appointment to review with his films: the Institut francais Naples in collaboration with the Association Piazza Totòdedicated to the anniversary a small festival. Match the network also the initiative “Toto Memoris”, collection of reservations to send to print the Book of Annalisa d’Inverno  and DVD signed by Carlo Maria Alfarano and Daniela Giordano, Marotta & Cafiero publishers. A double investigation as to why they are in the unfinished years projects repeatedly announced as the ‘birthplace’ and the Museum of Toto.