Sea Museum of Naples, three events a living at…moonlight


Among the museums of Campania joining the “Nuit des Musees Europeenne“, the international event that allows all participating sites to open their doors to the public in an unusual time (Moonlight) stands the Sea Museum of Naples. Saturday, May 16, in fact, the historical science center housed in the spaces of the centuries-old Nautical Institute “Duca degli Abruzzi” of Bagnoli, will be busy with three special events that will last until midnight.

The first is fixed at 6 hours pm and includes a tribute poetic/musical city of Partenope by Massimiliano Caputo and Gianni Festinese. The second, scheduled at 8 hours pm, is the show “The Journey of Artemisia“. Adapted from the novel by Anna Banti, with Laura Ricci and directed by Giorgia Palombi, and with cellist Marina Giugliano, it is a performance of voice and music dedicated to the Neapolitan stage of life of the great painter Caravaggio lived a long time in Gulf cities and that, in his venture alone in a sea voyage from Naples to England, opening the way for independence supported not only by words and deeds, but also by the acts of his personal life.
At the end of the show, after a moment, “gourmet” will be able to take part in the next event and third of the night … “Observation of the Sky Dome“. Through the use of the telescopes provided by the museum, it will be offered to all visitors, putting them almost in the role of Galileo Galilei, the opportunity to observe the sky and to know the planetary system and its satellites. All three events will take place at the headquarters of the Sea Museum of Naples, in the district of Bagnoli, in Pozzuoli. Will this then, the opportunity to visit and get to know also the scientific heritage of a cultural reality unique throughout Campania.

Saturday, May 16 “Nuit des Musees Europeenne
Sea Museum of Naples, Pozzuoli No way. 5, Bagnoli – Napoli
tel. +39.081.19361967 – – Mobile 349.1882181
The Journey of Artemisia”
Reservations required: 342.141409 – 349.7588664
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