The sea of ​​Terra Felix is always bluer

Bandiera Blu

The sea which washes the shores of the Earth Felix is always bluer. That ‘s Amalfi Coast, land of fjords and quaint old villages perched over the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea. And what of Cilento, a popular destination for the ancient mariners of Magna Grecia. Word of the Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee) Italy has confirmed that this year the thirteen “bathing spots” doc on the coast of Campania, with the Blue Flag award.

In the special list drawn up by the international body, the record still belongs to Liguria (as in 2013 ), with 20 awards. Below, wheel, Tuscany with 18 (+1 compared to 2013) and Marche with 17 flags. Shortly after the turn of the Campania, which confirms the 13 pearls already put on the bulletin board in the past year.

In detail, the award-winning resort are all in the provinces of Naples and Salerno. To be precise, in the Neapolitan soar Massa Lubrense on the Sorrento Coast, Punta Faro and Gradola on the island of Capri (Municipality of Anacapri). In the land of Arechis, however, the places awarded by the FEE are: Positano, the pearl of Amalfitana; the Waterfront of San Marco and the Bay of Trentova to Agropoli. And again, Castellabate, the village of Agnone and the marina of Capitello in the town of Castellabate, the beaches of Acciaroli and Pioppi in Pollica, Casal Velino, Ascea, Pisciotta, Centola (Palinuro) , Vibonati and the Lido Sapri in St. Giorgio (City of Sapri).

In the ranking of the beautiful country, there are also the Apulia (10), Abruzzo (10), Veneto (7), Lazio (7); Sardinia (6) , Sicily (6) and Calabria (4). Three flags, however, Molise, two for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Basilicata region. News also on the front of the lakes: in this case the ranking is led by the TrentinoAlto Adige with five municipalities, one for Lombardy and Piemonte.