All the colors of Partenope on display at the Pan


“Napul’è thousand culure” sang Pino Daniele.
And there are many shades of that color and veining and describe the multifaceted nature of the city of Partenope. And his inscrutable and fascinating aspect is dedicated to the meeting organized in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City of Naples, scheduled for Friday, November 7, at 17:00 in the conference room of the pan, which will discuss on Color of Partenope: stucco, marble, plaster on historic buildings in Naples”.
So on the occasion of the event, there will be a real journey through the deepest bowels of the city of Gulf, exploring the nature of land-based and well reflected in the volcanic tuff golden yellow and gray stern of the Vesuvian stone and Piperno or red highlight of the facades of the houses that characterize the great architectural tradition of Naples.


The meeting will be moderated by prof. Alessandro Castagnaro, with regards to the introduction of the culture, Gaetano Daniele, intervening in the debate the Professors Aldo Aveta, Paolo Giordano, Renata Picone, Massimo Rosi, accompanied by photographic projection by Umberto T.Vocaturo.
During the debate, ample space is reserved also the enhancement of numerous artistic works of the rich cultural heritage of Naples, made possible thanks to the intervention of the high supervision of the Superintendence for the PSAE and the Museums of Naples, the Royal Palace Caserta, Dating Neapolitans, Linvea industry paints and Restoration Giovanna Izzo, who will lead the work of recovery of the marble statue of St. Teresa of Avila, patron of the city of Naples since 1664, present in the church, a real gem of ‘Baroque art, created by Cosimo Fanzago.

“The colors of Partenope: stucco, marble, plaster on historic buildings of Naples”
Friday, November 7th 2014, 17:00
Pan, Via dei Mille 63, Naples