See Naples and then you fall in love …


Finally comes the weekend , time to relax, to slow down the frantic pace of everyday life and especially enjoy the infinite beauty of their city.
For those who want to enjoy the beautiful Naples through the eyes of a tourist, Saturday 17 and Sunday, January 19 , there are many interesting opportunities .
The menu is really rich but first things first .
It starts with a taste thrill , to discover the mysteries of ghosts and Partenope , with an itinerary with a decidedly esoteric by the Association Insolitaguida .
The journey through art , legends , myths and secrets part not by chance from Via Duomo, a place as you’ll discover is tied to a dark figure that just wont take refuge there every night, leaving messages written in an indecipherable language .
But Staying on the subject of ancient beliefs , do not forget that decumano inside the ancient city , is also one of the oldest and most famous churches in history.
We’re talking about the monumental Cathedral of Naples, where every year takes place one of the most extraordinary religious miracles in the world: the dissolution of the blood of San Gennaro , the patron saint of the city.
But it’s not all over , the tour continues with other unusual revelations , moving to Largo Donnaregina where it will be recalled the legend of  Queen Giovanna .
The route starts finally at the end with a visit to the church of San Giovanni a Carbonara , which is told to be  inhabited by spirits , and the final step in Porta Capuana area frequented by the famous ghost of Giuditta Guastamacchia .


Attention, all brought to the table of the wonders of Naples are not finished here.
Sunday, January 19 , it’s time for a fascinating tour through the streets free of cribs, sponsored by the City of Naples.
The program is part of the events planned in “Napoli , a month of Music and Art “ , edited by CoopCulture and this time offers five itineraries.
Meeting point of the first path is the Church of San Nicola alla Carità , for
see the sights of the historic center of art and devotion.
We then proceed to the Royal Palace , to find arts and crafts of the Nativity of Chiaja between ” figurari ” and sculptors, and then arrive at the time of the Certosa di San Martino, which houses the famous crib Cuciniello . Equal attention is also worth the extraordinary expressiveness of the pastors of the Valley in the Basilica di Santa Maria alla Sanità.
You are still not satisfied ? Then get ready for a sumptuous dessert after a meal, with
” Four Steps to Montesanto and Pignasecca “ , with the Cultural Association SciòNapoli in the  world of voices, colors and merchandise of the popular neighborhood .

“Misteri e fantasmi partenopei: da S.Gennaro a Guastamacchia”
Saturday 18 jenuary 2014, at 18:00 p.m., for info and reservations:, Cell: 3389652288

“Quattro passi…a Montesanto e lungo la Pignasecca”
Saturday 18 jenuary 2014, appointment at funicolare of Montesanto
Info and reservations:3333370769 – 3487333581 – 3271585555

“Napoli, un mese di Musica e Arte”
Sunday 19 jenuary 2014
For info:  848 800 288