Twenty-five ways to know the Campania: comes the International Day of the Tourist Guide


Also this year, on February 21, at the XXVI edition of the International Day of the Tourist Guide, the Italian tour guides will offer free guided tours to discover the beauty of the Terra Felix. For the Campania’s region, the title of the event is: “Characters in search of Guide”. They are 25 the identified routes, which will have as its theme a character known or not known linked to the history of our land. The itineraries, developed by qualified guides of the Campania Region, will touch the various provinces also reaching the island of Procida, the old town of Salerno, one of Piedimonte Matese, up to the charming village of Casertavecchia and the guided tour to discover the wonders of Real Belvedere di San Leucio complete with readings by the Code Leuciano. Obviously there will be “tour” in the land of Irpinia, in the archaeological sites of Vesuvius and the Phlegraean area. Tour “made in Naples” will wind, finally, in the footsteps of the great Eduardo, but also in the streets where they were born and grew up Totò and the late Pino Daniele. The XXVI edition of the International Day of Tour Guides sees the support and patronage moral of entity of via Saint Lucia and the City of Naples, and was sponsored by the Gran Caffè GambrinusThe interested visitor will be able to make a reservation or by phone or by e-mail, using the addresses” included on the various posters placed next to each path. For itineraries Campania you can find the flyer on the facebook page: Guide enabled Campania Region, or by clicking here. For the various proposals at the national level, we can connect directly with the website of tourist guides or browse the various offers by region, on Facebook.