Triumph of wines from Campania to the tenth edition of Vitignoitalia

vitigno italia

The curtain falls on the tenth edition of Vitignoitalia, the salon of the best wines of Italy from 8th to 10th June this year that has made the manor of Castel dell ‘Ovo par excellence of the nectar of the gods made in Italy with 200 wineries from around the Boot, from Sicily to South Tyrol.
The beautiful and especially good news this year is that the best wine in Italy is unbelievable … Campania! It is, in fact, the Dorfles 2011 Aglianico IGT Paestum Agricola San Salvatore in 1988, who was awarded the Grand Prize Vitignoitalia, one of the most prestigious areas and awarded during the festival.
It did not end there, because the wine produced from the grapes grown on the lush grounds of the Campania Felix has swept the awards! Recall that the 39 awards representing the best of the national, Alto Adige Cilento, from Valpolicella to Sicilian Nero d’Avola, through the vineyards of Abruzzo, Tuscany and Franciacorta, Campania is successful to bring home as many as 12!


Among these, the company Agricola San Salvatore has done the lion’s share and has earned awards in various categories getting the coveted Special Award Vitignoitalia.
Great performance in the region even on dessert: two out of three winners are from Campania: the Privilege of fiefs of St. Gregory and the Ruscolo Cantina Taburno.
Among the awards the most significant one for the Enhancement of the assigned Territory “ad personam”, Marina Cvetic, “for the great work done in the continuation of the work started by the late Gianni Masciarelli, who was the first to believe in the extraordinary potential of”Montepulciano”.
Good results with regard to the number of visitors who registered during the three-day event about 12 thousand visitors, including restaurateurs, food & beverage managers of hotels, sommeliers, chefs, wine shop.
In short, a good result for all with the hope that large numbers of this edition represents an excellent springboard for the landing of the labels bells markets around the world.