A special harvest in the heart of the Golden Mile


An extraordinary harvest in the heart …of the Golden Mile. And ‘what is proposed by the Focus-Art Napoli for Sunday, October 19, in a beautiful vine ducal residence, a stone’s throw from home vanvitellian Villa Bifulco at the foot of Mount Vesuviius. And here, in fact, in Terzigno (Naples), in the beautiful house built and commissioned in 1770 by Vincenzo Bifulco, which begins one of the world’s finest nature tours that will result in the traditional pruning grapes. While the bunches dry by the morning dew, before being collected, there will be time to visit the original olive press (dating to 1721) of the villa, with the intervention of the sommelier Pasquale Brillante, to continue, then, with the visit the beautiful grove of camellias where stands a rare collection of camellias are a historical pride of this incredible eighteenth century building. Is in these spaces that the seat of the Pironti Winery, founded in 2007 (but have started bottling wine since 2005) by the families Ammirati and Carillo: a unique historical location, then, for a nectar from a thousand and one nights. But how not to mention also the not distant farm of the Duke Pironti? It will be here, in fact, where after a visit to the home of the Bifulco, we will move to make the harvest itself. At 11.00 am, in fact, is expected to arrive at the farm: 12 hectares estate, between olive and apricot trees, where the delivery of kit, it will begin collecting Piedirosso Doc 2014! On the estate are taken care of Falanghina grapes, Caprettone, Coda di Volpe, Aglianico and 500 meters above sea level on the volcanic soil of Vesuvius, unique in the world.
At 1:00 pm is scheduled lunch break by the Enoteca wine bar Treqquarti (Somma Vesuviana) with a tasting of wines produced at the vineyard Pironti: Puntillo and Bush hammer in conjunction with crumbled biscuit rye, olive oil, piennolo DOP tomatoes, fior di latte Lattari. Concluding the menu the Dolciaria Marigliano pastiera and the Nocino of ‘e Curti At 4 pm starts deraspatura and pressing of grapes. The beautiful location, the wines, the menu are undisputed excellence bells on the basis of which it was created the event, the first of a long series, which the company Vigne Pironti chose to make better known to the general public its excellence.

We harvest Piedirosso
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Cost of participation: 15 €
Obligatory reservation (info) to 338.1099379