Fabrics, needles, and scissors for masterpieces to wear

Sartoria Antonelli Napoli

The history of Naples lies beneath the success of Sartoria Antonelli: Raffaele Antonelli, the owner of the workshop in via dei Mille, has learned the basics of needle and thimble when he was 12 years old, and he has soon turned them into art. Today Sartoria Antonelli is the favourite spot of high-level customers, a real must in Neapolitan sewing art. It is the place where classic male clothing (suits, tights, tailcoats, dinner-jackets, coats) becomes poetry.[charme-gallery] “I aim to quality, not quantity. You need time to make a suit, and you need more time to made it in a good way”, says Raffaele. Who in 2002 won the “Golden Scissors” competition made by National Tailor Academy, and got a title from the “British Corner Club”. His assistant Angela Barone has won the national award “Golden Cuff 2015”, devoted to the tailor capable to exalt style, technical ability, creativity, and formal rigour of made-to-measure tailoring. Qualities which are distinctive of the masterpieces of Sartoria Antonelli.

Sartoria Antonelli
Via dei Mille 40, Palazzo Leonetti – Napoli
Tel. +39.081.5497571