Seven essences of pleasure


The sophisticated “Blu”, with its intense core fragrance of tuberose flowers; the powerful “Sballo” with essence of geranium, lily and violet or the unmistakeable bouquet of the more regal “Prima T”. The irresistible resins of “Iranzol” mitigated by grasses and flower buds; the elusive but suddenly intense “Jasmin”; “Seplasia”, a homage to the most sought after perfume of ancient Rome with its fragrance or rock plants growing on the cliffs below the villa of the emperor Tiberius on Capri; and “Musc” with its essence of pure resins and hints of sweetness that never pass unnoticed. [charme-gallery]These are the seven unique essences created by Bruno Acampora, who captured the magic of Capri and theBayofNaplesand conquered the world, from the USA to Japan and from Russia to Spain. A mere drop of the fragrance on the neck and wrists is all it takes to experience a strong sensation of wellbeing and joy which you can bestow on others.[charme-gallery] A refined eau de parfum can also be created by following the instructions on the brochure included in each packet. “Bruno Acampora Profumi” is experiencing a 30% annual growth rate, thanks principally to word of mouth as refined clients extol the virtues of the fragrances which Brunello Acampora blends strictly according to his father’s recipes of rare and precious essences. Each of the seven fragrances has a specific identity that is aimed at all those who love them, regardless of gender. All Bruno Acampora products including the exclusive Body & Hair Shampoo are on sale inNaples’ elegant shopping district of Via Filangieri. [charme-gallery]The essences are still sold in the same original aluminium phials as 30 years ago, each containing the right volume of air and sealed with a cork stopper according to the tradition of master perfumers. Even more exclusive are the limited edition “Silver Bottle” made of solid silver with a star in the cork, and the splendid silver and gold phials embellished with coral and mother of pearl miniatures carved by Ascione, the foremost name in coral craftsmanship .